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Written by Julia Gallinger   
Thursday, 24 November 2011 20:22

Retreat participants (Photo by Süleman Kösem)

This year’s summer retreat took place from Sunday, july 10th- Tuesday, july 12th on the idyllic Bavarian island Fraueninsel within Chiemsee. The retreat was held in the abbey Frauenwörth where we started with the first session of talks on Sunday after lunch.

This year, all the speakers got an introduction from another member of the graduate program, giving a short overview of the present curriculum vitae of the students. All the introductions were given in a most creative and researched way giving all the members – especially the new ones - the possibility to get to know each other better and to learn new things about the PhD students.

After the first session, we held our regular meeting discussing upcoming events organized by the students of the graduate program, such as workshops, company visits, seminars with invited speakers, the organization of the following retreat and general issues.

Later in the evening, we were very glad to welcome the alumni Dr. Lars Christian Andrees (for details see his website) who was so kind to give a talk about his present work. It was very interesting to hear about the daily work and concerns of a patent attorney and to discuss possible future job perspectives. The rest of the evening was left to socializing activity.

The second session of talks started on Monday morning until early afternoon. This year’s group outdoor activity was the visit of the castle Herrenchiemsee of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and seeing an exhibition about the history of the Bavarian Royal family.

In the evening, we were very happy that Dr. Daniel Piechowski joined us. He is the organizer of the IMPRS graduate program for Organismal Biology at the Max-Planck- Institute in Konstanz. He told us about his work as coordinator of their graduate program giving us new ideas and information of how to organize and develop “Protein Dynamics in Health and Disease”. Furthermore it was a vivid example for a possible career in science management after the PhD. The evening was used to take a conjoint walk around the island and to discuss more about our science, possible future directions and life.

Tuesday morning we continued with the third and last session of talks and finished after a final discussion early afternoon. Again, the retreat was a great possibility for us to present our projects and to exchange ideas, discuss problems and get some new input. Since the students of the program have different areas of expertise in the world of proteins, these discussions are very fruitful and a great enrichment for our scientific projects.

We are very happy that so many members of the graduate program joined the retreat to make it a success. Thanks again to our guest speakers, Dr. Lars Christian Andrees and Dr. Daniel Piechowski for their contribution.

Finally, many thanks to Teresa Barth and Christoph Gallinger, who helped me to organize the retreat.

During the retreat, the following talks were held by students of our graduate program:

Julia Gallinger, “InSpired!”, introduction by Dr. Kai Hell

Christine Fellerer, “Chaperone-mediated Preprotein Targeting to Chloroplasts“, introduction by Süleyman

Alexander Beribisky, "NMR of RNA: What, why, how?", introduction by Jasmin

Ulrike Schütz “Structure and Function of the Farnesylated Peroxisomal Import Receptor Pex19p”, introduction by Carsten

Andreas Jungfer, “Channels and cofactors of the TIC complex”, introduction by Teresa

Marija Vukajlovic, „How kinesin-2 forms a stalk“, introduction by Henrike

Marta Blamowska, “Biogenesis of the mitochondrial Hsp70 chaperone”, introduction by Christoph

Anne-Marie Schönegge, „Molecular architecture of human tripeptidyl peptidase II - insights from CryoEM and flexible fitting", introduction by Rike

Dennis Zimmermann, introduction by Matthias

Christoph Engel, "Towards the structure of the eukaryotic RNA polymerase I", introduction by Amelie

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