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Marija Vukajlovic
Schliwa Lab
Institute for cell biology, Schillerstr. 42, 80336 Munich

Research interest:

Kinesin superfamily comprises 14 subfamilies of microtubule associated motor proteins. Kinesin-2 is a unique member of this superfamily because it is the only one to consist of three distinct subunits whereas other members are monomers, homodimers or homotetramers. Its strucural uniqueness and an overwhelming diversity of cellular functions (reaching from building and maintaining cilia and flagella to participation in signal transduction and cell division) make it an extremely interesting research object that allows multifaceted experimental approach. My work deals with different aspects of regulation of kinesin-2. How is the assembly of the three different subunits into a functional entity regulated? What is the mechanism behind the autoregulation of the catalytic activity?

Other interests:

Baking, soap making, world literature, modern dance

Since 2009:

PhD thesis in Prof. Manfred Schliwa’s lab, Institute for Cell Biology, LMU Munich


Studies in biology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München , Germany, degree: Diplom (equivalent to MSc)


Research associate at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry, Martinsried (Germany) in the lab of Prof. Axel Ullrich


Research internship in the Laboratory for Tumor Immunology (LTI) at LIFE center (Klinikum Großhadern, LMU Munich)


Abitur at Asam-Gymnasium, Munich


Realschulabschluss at Carl-von-Linde Realschule, Munich


Learning of German language at Hauptschule Blumenau, Munich


Moved from Kragujevac (Serbia) to Munich (Germany)


Vukajlovic M., Schliwa M., Oekten Z., How kinesin-2 forms a stalk, ASCB 50th int. meeting, 2010, Philadlephia, PA

Vukajlovic M., Schliwa M., Oekten Z., Seeded motor dimerization in heteromeric kinesin-2, Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich (CIPSM) annual meeting, 2010, Wildbad Kreuth, Germany

Vukajlovic M., Schliwa M., Oekten Z., What brings them together? – Assembly of the three subunits in heteromeric kinesin-2, EMBO annual meeting 2010, Barcelona, Spain

Vukajlovic M., Kösem S., Schliwa M., Oekten Z., Autoregulation of heteromeric kinesin-2 from C. elegans, DGZ annual meeting, 2010, Regensburg, Germany

Activities within the graduate program:

Chief of material office

Recorder during general meetings

Organization of the winter retreat 2011 in Herrsching am Ammersee, February 17th-19th

Organization of the Workshop "Bioinformatic Tools", April 2011

Team capitain at the B2Run Munich 2011

Organization of the seminar "Eggs, embryos and stem cells" with Prof. Miodrag Stojkovic

Elite Network of Bavaria ENB

Center for Integrated Portein Science Munich CIPS M

American Society for Cell Biology ASCB


Contact Info

Marija Vukajlovic
Cell Biology