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Christina Schusdziarra
Neupert Lab
Butenandtstr. 5, Geb B
089 2180 77089

Structural and functional characterization of the human TIM23 translocase

December 2012: participation in the annual CIPSM - Bayer Healthcare - Symposium, Munich

November 2012: Symposium and Course "Biomolecular Interaction Analysis 2012", IBMC, Porto: intensive hands-on training in ITC, SPR, FRET

October 2012: Intensive course RNAi, LABAcademy, Taufkirchen

May 2012: "Project Management and Fundraising" workshop with Simon Golin, Munich

November 2011: "Adobe Photoshop"workshop, Munich

October 2011: "Scientific Writing" workshop with Ruth Willmott, Munich

July 2011: "qPCR" seminar, Munich

June 2011: "Protein expression and purification" semiar, Munich

since May 2011: Teaching assistant, laboratory demonstrator for biochemistry courses for medical students: Teaching and demonstration in student laboratories, exam supervision and grading

since April 2010: PhD student at LMU Munich with Prof. W. Neupert (since May 2011 Prof. A. Ladurner), lab of PD K. Hell "Structural and functional analysis of the TIM23 translocase of mitochondria"

December 2009: Pharmaceutical license

May - October 2009: Internship with Bioproof AG, Munich: Training in quantitative analysis of small molecules and biologicals (HPLC, LC-MS/MS) according to GLP, method development, evaluation of pharmakokinetics, scientific writing of analytical reports

2004-2009: Pharmaceutical studies at LMU, Munich

June 2004: Abitur

Christina Schusdziarra, Marta Blamowska, Abdussalam Azem, Kai Hell Methylation-controlled J-protein MCJ acts in the import of proteins into human mitochondria Hum. Mol. Genet. 2012

since October 2011: Scolarship by Universit├Ąt Bayern e.V.

July 2012: Organisation of workshop "WORD 2010 - Working with long documents", Munich

Since May 2012 : Chair and coordinator of fundraising/finance of life science PhD symposium interact 2013 , Munich


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Christina Schusdziarra