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Written by Ulrike Schuetz   
Saturday, 19 March 2011 18:49

The winter retreat 2011 was held from Thu, 17th to Sat, 19th of January in the Haus der bayerischen Landwirtschaft in Herrsching, Ammersee. We were glad to also welcome the head of our graduate program, Prof. Neupert, who joined us for lunch and discussed with the students of the program. Afterwards, he gave a talk about the recent highlights in his research on mitochondrial protein transport. Furthermore, he presented also a philosophical discourse about the development of the idea of man from a scientist’s perspective. His presentation was very informative as well as inspiring for us as young scientists. Afterwards, members of our graduate program gave talks about their doctoral research. In the evening, we used the sports facilities of the Haus der bayerischen Landwirtschaft.

Participants of the Winter Retreat in front of the Haus der bayrischen Landwirtschaft getting reading for a hike to Kloster Andechs.

(Foto: Süleyman Kösem)

On Friday morning we continued with another session of talks by PhD students. After lunch, we went for a hike to Kloster Andechs. In the evening we held our regular meeting where we discussed the upcoming workshops, guest speakers and seminars. As the spokesman position is changed annually, Dennis Zimmermann, who did a great job as last year’s speaker of our graduate program, resigned from the job. As his successor, Julia Gallinger was elected. The remaining part of the evening was left for socializing. We enjoyed the local facilities including table tennis, bowling and billiard.

Our last talk session took place from Saturday morning until early afternoon. All the PhD students giving talks during the retreat presented their projects in a very interesting and highly competent manner. Every presentation was followed by extensive discussions that were often continued within breaks or during leisure time. Due to the large variety of research areas within our graduate program the retreat was again not only a nice occasion to get together as PhD students but also to exchange knowledge between our research interests and to get valuable advice from a different point of view.

We highly appreciate that so many members of our graduate program participated and contributed to a successful retreat. Especially, we would also like to thank Prof. Neupert who took the time to join us. Last, we owe many thanks to Maja for the excellent organization of everything.

Our scientific schedule included the following talks by students of our program:

Teresa Barth: "Histone modifications on newly assembled chromatin".

Christian Wippo: “Trans-factors are the major nucleosome positioning determinants”.

Henrike Klinker: "Chromatin Remodelling by ISWI-Containing Complexes in the Context of Different Chromatin States".

Martin Seizl: "Regulation of RNA polymerase II transcription".

Friederike Hoeg: “The GAn-box is a new core promoter element in TATA-less promoters”.

Süleyman Kösem: “All around kinesin-2 kinetics”.

Amelie Gutsmiedl: "In-vitro characterization of novel γ-secretase modulators".

Christoph Gallinger: “Fray1 and Fray2 – Ste20-like kinases in Dictyostelium discoideum”.

Zdravko Kochovski: "The Postsynaptic Architecture using Cryo-electron Tomography".

Bernadette Schreiner: “Folding of Proteins in the Mitochondrial Intermembrane Space”.

Carsten Studte: "Novel channel activities at the inner envelope of chloroplasts - PratC1".

Mathias Voss: "Molecular Characterization of SPPL3".

Jasmin Gundlach: “Oxidative stress resistance in Escherichia coli”.

Julia Rohrberg: "Every Hsp90 Client Protein Needs a Specific Hsp70-Hsp90 Chaperone Cycle."

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