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Written by Dominik Paquet   
Wednesday, 13 February 2008 16:32
In October 2006 the first ENB conference was held in Garching, Munich. All members of the Elite Network of Bavaria have been invited to come to campus of the Technical University of Munich in order to meet each other and to attend various courses on communication skills.

The conference started by a speech of the Bavarian minister for science, Dr. Thomas Goppel and by the head of the ENB commission, Dr. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker. They gave an introduction on the initiation and the objectives of the ENB. The conference program was surrounded by some comedian artists who tried to present diverse projects of the ENB in an integrating manner.

The afternoon session demonstrated the excellence and the diversity of the particular ENB groups: each ENB group got the opportunity to present highlights from their research. Klaus Kuhn and Florian Brückner have been announced to represent our ENB group, Protein Dynamics in Health and Disease, on the conference. Both students gave presentations providing an overview on our activities and communicating our research interests.

Florian Klaus

Florian and Klaus of the Graduate Program present scientific content and organisational structure.

The first day of the conference was closed by a terrific dinner. The participants were invited to walk to the building of mathematics on the same campus. Upon entering the dining hall a guard of Bavarian waitresses welcomed the ENB members. The illuminated hall gave a gorgeous atmosphere at the dinner.


Impressing atmosphere at the dinner

The diversity and the excellence of the ENB were also realized at the banquet: every Bavarian region was represented by an own food stand. Our ENB group found together at a table enjoying the evening.


Dinner on the ENB conference

On the second day of the meeting several courses on communication skills and job training were offered.
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