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The Program
Written by Dominik Paquet   
Tuesday, 12 February 2008 11:06

The International Graduate Program 'Protein Dynamics in Health and Disease' was part of the ENB initiative. It was initiated and was funded by the Government of the State of Bavaria from 2005 to 2013. It represents a close cooperative effort of the internationally renowned Ludwig- Maximilians-University of Munich and the Technical University of Munich with the Max Planck-Institute for Biochemistry in Munich-Martinsried. Leading laboratories in these institutes have sent elected students to the program to interact and benefit from each other.

The research of the students of this international graduate school specifically aims at the function and structure of proteins and has a special focus on their synthesis, folding and degradation. This area of scientific investigation is of outstanding interest in the post-genomic era. It has a strong impact on current biomedical research and our understanding of the molecular processes leading to human diseases.

The program encompasses a variety of related disciplines, in particular cell biology, biochemistry, structural biology, biophysics, biomedicine, molecular biology and genetics to address questions on the molecular processes underlying the synthesis, folding and degradation of proteins.

The main innovation in the structure of the program is the principle of self-organisation by the students which is supported by a scientific coordinator and the laboratories of the students.

The students organise a regular program of workshops, research seminars and research cluster meetings to encourage the sharing of ideas and transfer of experimental expertise among the participants of the program. The aim is to provide the students with a broad practical and theoretical training including personal knowledge of a wide variety of different techniques. In addition to the scientific education there are also possibilities to gain insights into related fields e.g. patent law, bioinformatics or scientific presentation and publication skills.

Since its establishment in 2006 numerous students have succesfully participated in the program and the program's quality is well-reflected in the scientific achievements of the individual students (see for instance the pulication record) and the various events organized in the recent years. These include seminars by renowned speakers and  a variety of workshops. Most notably the tradition of an annual seminar by a Nobel lauerate has been established and guest included Professores Blobel, Neher, Arber and most recently zur Hausen.

Latest News
26.11.2013 - New paper:
Adrian just published a first-author paper in The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

23.10.2013 - New NATURE paper:
Christoph had his seminal results published in Nature. Congratulations! (see also: Nature News & Views)

22.12.2012 - New paper:
Congratulations to Christina who just published her work in Human Molecular Genetics.

06.11.2012 - New paper:
Matthias just published his work in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

01.11.2012 - New paper:
Bernadette just had her paper published in Mol Biol Cell. Congratulations!

01.10.2012 - New paper:
Marta published a paper about the mitochondrial Hsp70 chaperone in the Journal of Cell Biology.

24.11.2011 - New papers:
Julia published her data as a shared first author in PNAS and Friederike and our alumni Martin are joint first authors in a study just published in PLoS one. Congratulations!

26.09.2011 - New paper:
Dennis' paper on Myosin V was published in PLoS One. Congratulations!

20.09.2011 - Upcoming seminar:
Karen Adelman, NIEHS, USA, will give a seminar entitled Potentiating Signal-responsive Transcription: A Dynamic Dance Between Paused Polymerase and Chromatin on September 20th 2011, 5 pm at the Gene Center in Großhadern.

14.09.2011 - New paper:
Marija had her first author paper on the mechanisms of stalk formation by kinesin-2 published in Mol Biol Cell.

09.09.2011 - Upcoming seminar:
Miodrag Stojkovic whose work is focussed on stem cells will visit us for a seminar on September 9th 2011, 4 pm at the Gene Center in Großhadern. Flyer

06.09.2011 - New paper:
Amelie just published her work on novel γ-secretase modulators in JBC.

24.08.2011 - New online profile:
Check out Dennis' new online profile on the ENB main page.

21.07.2011 - ENB team @ b2run:

Our program participated in this years b2run company run at Olympiapark (among 33,000 others).

01.07.2011 - 2011's Nobel Seminar:
Friday, July 1st, we will host Peter Agre for our annual special Nobel Laureate seminar. We are very much looking forward to his visit and everyone is welcome to attend his lecture at the Gene Center, at 4 pm. See flyer

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2011
Three members of our graduate program, Marija Vukajlovic, Dennis Zimmermann and Matthias Voss were selected to participate in this year's Lindau meeting. Detailed reports, fotos etc. will be posted here afterwards.

20.05.2011 - Science paper
Christian Wippo is shared first-author on a Science paper published this week. Congratulations! Have a look at it!

15.05.2011 - ASCB Newsletter article

Dennis authored an overview article of the German research landscape in the May issue of the ASCB Newsletter (www.ascb.org).

19.04.2011 - New paper
Martin has a new first-author paper accepted at Nucleic Acids Research. In addition he just recently received his PhD - Congratulations!

12.04.2011 - New paper
Christine has a new first-author paper accepted at Molecular Plant.

08.04.2011 - New member
Alexander Beribisky joined us as a new member from the Sattler group.

22.03.2011 - Pellman seminar
David Pellman visited us for a seminar on March 22nd. Read more

22.02.2011 - New paper
Christian has a new first-author paper in EMBO Journal. Congratulations!

17.02.2011 to 19.02.2011 - Winter Retreat
The annual program retreat was held in Herrsching at Ammersee. In addition to the scientific program, Julia Gallinger was elected as new program speaker. Read our follow-up

28.01.2011 - ENB Special Seminar :

Prof. Gottfried Schatz (formerly at the Biocenter in Basel) visited us on January 28th talking about "What it takes to succeed as a scientist" at the Gene Center. For detailed summary of his visit please read more.

06.01.2011 - Cell Paper: Heidi Olzscha, a student of our program, just had a paper published in Cell. Congratulations! Using aggregation-prone model proteins and quantitaive proteomics she and her colleguages could show that numerous cellular proteins co-aggregate with model protein amyloids and hence are impaired in function. Their data unravel a possible mechanism accounting for toxicity observed in disorders associated with protein aggregation like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or Huntington's.
Have a glance at the Cell PaperFlick where Heidi herself and the fellow authors give a brief introduction to the paper.

22.11.2010 to 24.11.2010 - "Getting funded" Workshop in Vienna 

22.10.2010 - Company visit at Boehringer-Ingelheim at Biberach

12.10.2010 - ENB Special Nobel Laureate Seminar: Prof. Harald zur Hausen, Nobel prize laureate in physiology/medicine 2008, visiting us in Munich.

His talk was at the lecture hall of the Walther-Straub-Institut für Pharmakologie und Toxikologie about "Infections Causing Human Cancers". Before and afterwards he spent time with members of our graduate program to dicuss science.

30.09.2010 - Oktoberfest visit: In order to maintain some popular Bavarian traditions, we visited the 200th Oktoberfest together.

29. to 31.07.2010 - Summer retreat at Berchtesgarden. Details

28.07.2010 - New first author paper: Anders just published a paper in Protein Science. Congratulations!

12.03.2010 - Company visit at Roche, Penzberg: We are visiting the the Hoffmann-La Roche pharma and diagnotics divisions site at Penzberg.

19.02.2010 - New homepage up and running! All features work including picture gallery, forum, calendar and member profiles!

30.12.2009 - New publication: Philipp has a first author publication in plant cell! Arabidopsis Tic62 and ferredoxin-NADP(H) oxidoreductase form light-regulated complexes that are integrated into the chloroplast redox poise (Benz et al.). Congratulations!

14.10.2009 - ENB Special Seminar: Nobel prize laureate Prof. Dr. Werner Arber speaks about "Molecular Darwinism and the roles of evolution gene products"
5:00 pm at the Gene Center - LMU (Feodor-Lynen-Hörsaal)

04.08.2009 - Heidi Olzscha won poster prize: ENB-fellow Heidi won the first international poster prize at the EMBO-FEBS conference series of the biology of molecular chaperones "Cellular protein homeostasis in disease and ageing" in Dubrovnic, Croatia for her poster "Cytotoxicity of De Novo Amyloid Proteins in Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells". Congratulations!
25.07.2009 - Summer Retreat: The summer retreat took place from 23rd to 25th of July 2009 in Obergurgl, Austria.

27.05.2009 - Dominik Paquet received two awards for his PhD research: ENB-fellow Dominik received the Verum award 2009 and the Leda Hanin award for his research on "A zebrafish model of tauopathy allows in vivo imaging of neuronal cell death and drug evaluation" (Paquet et al., 2009). Congratulations!

01.05.2009 - New publication: Dominik has a first author publication in JCI! A zebrafish model of tauopathy allows in vivo imaging of neuronal cell death and drug evaluation (Paquet et al., 2009). Read also the LMU press release . Congratulations!

30.03.2009 - Florian Brückner featured at Elitenetzwerk.Bayern.de: ENB-Alumnus Florian presents his PhD work. Read the full story here

11.03.2009 - Maria Schmid featured at e-fellows.net: ENB-Alumna Maria talks about her experience finding a Trainee position at Roche in Penzberg. Read the full story here
28.01.2009 - Winter Retreat: The winter retreat took place from 26th to 28th of January 2009 in Spitzingsee.

19.12.2008 - 'Young Investigator Award' for Dominik Paquet
: Dominik from our program received the ‘1st Young Investigator Award of the Universität Bayern e.V.’. The prize is awarded annually for outstanding dissertations among all funded students from all scientific fields. Congratulations! Read more here and here .

15.11.2008 - Autumn Seminar: We had the great pleasure to welcome the Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Erwin Neher for our autumn seminar. Read more here .

14.11.2008 - 'EON Kulturpreis' for Nikola Mesecke: Nikola from our programm received the EON Kulturpreis for her PhD thesis. The prize is awarded annually for outstanding contributions to arts and sciences in Bavaria by the EON Bayern AG. Congratulations! Read more here.

12.11.2008 - Extended Funding for our graduate program: 'Protein Dynamics in Health an Disease' received a positive survey for the first funding period and therefore funding is continued for the next period by the State of Bavaria. Read the german press release here.

30.10.2008 - Server problems: Due to some technical problems with our server software some pictures and documents might be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

15.10.2008 - ENB Seminar: The Nobel laureate Erwin Neher will be the speaker of our autumn seminar !

09.09.2008 - ENB Seminar: Pekka Lappalainen from the University of Helsinki, Finland will speak on 24th September 2008 at the ABI/CB about the regulation of actin dynamics in muscle cells.

10.07.2008 - Summer Retreat: The summer retreat took place from 10th to 12th of July 2008 in Chamerau.

14.05.2008 - ENB Seminar: Two up coming seminars. Fred Chang from the Columbia University, New York will speak on 20th May 2008 at the MPI. Vic Small from the IMBA, Vienna will give his talk on the 26th May 2008 at the ABI/CB.

11.04.2008 - ENB Seminar: Bob Buchanan and Sheng Luan from the University of California, Berkeley will speak at our next seminar.

03.01.2008 - New publication: Claus has a first author publication in Cell! Functional Architecture of RNA Polymerase I (Kuhn et al., 2007). Congratulations!

03.12.2007 - New publications: Barbara, Dominik and Petros have new publications out! Congratulations!

15.11.2007 - ENB Seminar: David Kovar from the University of Chicago and Jan Faix from the Hannover Medical School will speak about the actin cytoskeleton's role in Cell division and Filopodia formation respectively.

05.12.2007 - ENB Seminar: Ron Laskey from the MRC & University of Cambridge, UK will speak at our seminar.

26.10.2007 - New publication: Lucas has a first author publication in JBC! Regulated intermembrane proteolysis of Bri2 (Itm2b) by ADAM10 and SSPL2a/b (Martin et al., 2007). Congratulations!

18.07.2007 - Summer Retreat: The summer retreat took place from 18th to 20th July 2007 at the Schliersbergalm.

21.06.2007 - The Nobel Laureate Günter Blobel gave a talk at our summer seminar:

06.03.2007 - 2nd International Symposium of the SFB594 “Molecular Machines in Protein Folding and Translocation will take place from May 23rd - 25th in Munich, Germany
06.03.2007 - New publication: Florian has a first author publication in Science! CPD damage recognition by transcribing RNA polymerase II (Brückner et al., 2007). Congratulations!

12.02.2007 - Workshop Scientific Writing: In this course on scientific writing we got a strong background in basics of how to write scientific manuscripts. The course took place at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry from 26.02-02.03.2007.

07.02.2007 - Winter Retreat: The winter retreat took place from 22nd to 24th February 2007 in Oberaudorf.

30.01.2007 - ENB Conference Garching 2006: The first get-together of all members of the ENB at a conference in Garching was also joined by students of the graduate program.

02.12.2006 - New Publication: Ragnhild has a new first author publication in MCB! HP1 binding to chromatin methylated at H3K9 is enhanced by auxiliary factors (Eskeland et al., 2006). Congratulations!

27.10.2006 - Roche Excursion: The Excursion to Roche in Penzberg gave us an overview about the company, the scientific work and job options at Roche in Penzberg and other places worldwide.

14.07.2006 - Rhethorics Course: This extensive workshop gave us backround in basics of speech communication, voice training, presentation forming and enhancimg our personal ability to present talks.

29.06.2006 - Summer retreat: The first retreat of this year took place in Grainau from 29th June to 1st July 2006.

27.06.2006 - ENB-Seminar: The first ENB Protein Dynamics in Health and Disease seminar with the title "Hopes and Concerns in Science" includes two sessions with talks from eminent scientists from the fields of Alzheimer´s disease, cancer research and bioethics.

23.05.2006 - Excursion to the German Patent Office: The excursion to the German Patent and Trade Mark Office gave us an overview of its main functions. We got a theoretical and practical introduction on basics of patent law, intellectual property rights, patent inquiry, requirements for patenting design of a patent specification and how to obtain a patent.

01.12.2005 - Winter retreat: Our first retreat took place in Benediktbeuern from 01.12.2005 to 03.12.2005.
Any questions?

For enquiries about the graduate program, please contact the Coordinator:

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For enquiries about the webpage please contact the webmaster.

What is the ENB initiative?

The Bavarian State Government’s new concept of top-notch higher education is a beacon for highly qualified students and the next generation of research scientists who are able and willing to aim high. In order to create an attractive alternative to top facilities around the world, Bavaria, has launched the Elite Network of Bavaria (ENB). One element of the ENB initiative are international doctorate programs - one of which is the program: "Protein dynamics in health and disease".

To read more about the ENB initiative please go to https://www.elitenetzwerk.bayern.de/

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